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What is it?

In this stage of scholarship, most might be familiar with a work cited or bibliography page. You have cited that journal article, book, or dissertation on the ending pages of your research paper. You have painstakingly made sure every period, comma, and italic script is in the proper place. An annotated bibliography, however, is an extra-mile investment in your scholarship. This tool allows you to keep track of your own scholarship, avoid plagiarism, and leaves "bread crumbs" for future researchers. It also, if well-prepared, is the main ingredient for your literature review (where you provide a discussion of your subject according to the experts) in your article. 

Unlike a work cited or bibliography page, which merely lists cited resources, an annotated bibliography provides an exposition about the academic usefulness of a resource. In addition to a citation, the value-added annotation exhibits three critical thinking skills: summary, assessment, and reflection. 

In the following presentation we expound upon these three critical thinking skills and demonstrate how you can maximize the potential of your research through an annotated process. 

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