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Turnitin Guide for Instructors: Creating a User Account

Turnitin is a web-based solution that that can find and highlight matching or unoriginal text in a written assignment.

Turnitin Guides

Request an Account

Instructors should request a Turnitin account via the online form listed below:

Getting Started

How do faculty and staff get started?

Instructors should begin by requesting an account using the online registration form. 

After completing the account request form, instructors will receive an email from Cynthia Henry, the account administrator, to notify them when their instructor account has been created. They will also receive an email from containing the account user login information and a temporary password.

Instructors can then access their account by visiting

On the Turnitin website, instructors can create classes and assignments. Instructors will need to give students their unique Turnitin Class ID and the enrollment password that they created. Copy the Turnitin Class ID and the enrollment password created when configuring the class, then give students this information (e.g. in a class announcement or in the instructions for an assignment).