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Forensic Science: Books, Theses, and Dissertations

Research guide for the forensic sciences.

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The TTU Libraries have nearly 3 million books available in its catalog, as well as access to many more titles online.  

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Forensic Science Library of Congress Guide

Graphology BF 889-905 (Psychology)
Anthropometry GN 51-59
Forensic anthropology GN 69.8
Identification GN 192 (Anthropology)
Dermatoglyphics GN 192
Hair GN 193 (Physical anthropology)
Counterfeits and counterfeiting HG 335-341
Forgery HG 1696-1698 (Checks)
Criminal anthropology HV 6001-6197
Criminology HV 6001-6030
Criminals-Identification HV 6055-6079
Legal photography HV 6071 (Criminology)
Fingerprints HV 6074
Forgery HV 6675-85
Evidence preservation HV 7936 .E85
Criminal investigation HV8073-8079
Chemistry, Forensic (General) HV 8073
Identification HV 8073-8077.5 (Criminal investigation)
Typewriting-Identification HV 8075
Footprints-Identification HV 8077.5 .F6
Writing-Identification HV 8074-8076
Firearms-Identification HV 8077
Forensic ballistics HV 8077
Arson investigation HV 8079 .A7
Computer crimes-Investigation HV 8079 .C65
Hair QL 942 (Comparative anatomy)
Hair QM 488 (Human anatomy)
Death-Proof and certification RA 405
Medical jurisprudence RA 1001-1171
Identification RA 1055 (Medical jurisprudence)
Chemistry, Forensic (Medical jurisprudence) RA 1057
DNA fingerprints RA 1057.55
Forensic genetics RA 1058-1058.2
Forensic radiography RA 1058.5
Forensic thermography RA 1058.7
Forensic dermatology RA 1061
Forensic hematology RA 1061-1061.5
Forensic serology RA 1061.6
Dental jurisprudence RA 1062
Forensic ophthalmology RA 1062.5
Forensic audiology RA 1062.8
Death-Causes RA 1063
Forensic pathology RA 1063.4
Forensic entomology RA 1063.45
Forensic taphonomy RA 1063.47
Forensic obstetrics RA 1064-1067
Psychological autopsy RA 1137
Forensic neurology RA1147
Forensic neuropsychology RA1147.5
Forensic psychology RA 1148
Forensic psychiatrists RA1151
Forensic psychiatry RA 1151
Forensic nursing RA1155
Forensic pharmacology RA1160
Forensic epidemiology RA1165
Forensic oncology RA 1170 .C35
Forensic cardiology RA 1170 .H4
Forensic toxicology RA 1228
Arsenic-Toxicology RA 1231 .A7
Drugs-Toxicology RA 1238
Body fluids-Analysis RB 52
Drugs-Analysis RB 56-56.5 (Clinical pathology)
Graphology RC 473 .G7 (Psychiatry)
Gunshot wounds RD 96.3
Hallucinogenic drugs RM 324.8
Drugs-Analysis RS 189-190 (Pharmacy)
Forensic engineering TA 219
Environmental forensics TD 193.4
Fire investigation TH 9180
Explosives TP 268-299
Ink TP 946-950
Legal photography TR 822 (Applied photography)
Forgery Z 41 (Autographs)
Ink Z 112

Tips for picking up/dropping off

If you need to get items from the library on campus, you might find getting print books, DVDs, and other items can be a REAL DRAG!

Steps that make it easier:

  1. Find the item you want to check out in the catalog.
    • If your item isn't at the library, order it through ILL.
  2. Place a HOLD on the item.
  3. Important! Wait until you recieve an email notification that your item is ready for pick-up from Document Delivery/ILL (before you make the treck all the way over to find out it isn't ready yet!).
  4. For your convenience, 15 minute pick-up/drop-off parking next to the library is now available! (see map below) 
    • Just FYI! You will recieve a citation :'( from Transportation and Parking Services if you are parked too long!  
  5. Service Desks are conveniently located near both enterences of the building. Politely ask our nice desk clerks for your item.
    • Remember, bring your eRaider Card to check out!
  6. Returning your item has never been easier!  All items can be placed in the east Book Drop bin.  Be sure to have a nice day!

Oops, I did it again! Remember, you don't want a citation, please be aware of parking rules.  If you think you need the library longer than 15 minutes use the paid parking or your parking permit between 5:30 - 8:00 pm on weekdays or free after 8:00 pm and on weekends.