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Department of Design: ENVD 5342 Sustainability for Fashion

This guide will be useful as a resource for assignment help, for research assistance, and for finding subject information.

Recommended Journals by Dr. Anderson

  1. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology
  2. International Journal of Consumer Studies
  3. Textile Research Journal
  4. Journal of Textile and Apparel Technology Management
  5. Journal of Engineered fibers and fabrics
  6. International Journal of Fashion Design Technology and Education
  7. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management Clothing
  8. Fashion and Textile Research Journal
  9. Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles
  10. International Journal of Human Ecology

Library Services


Recommended Resources

To the right, is a list of journals recommended by Dr. Anderson. To search for these 10 journal titles follow the searching tips below the resource: 

# 1- 6 can be found in Scopus

# 7 can be found in Emerald

# 8-10 can be found in the Open Access Journal Advanced Search Korea Science 


TIPS to searching:

Make Google Scholar Work for You!

Setting Google Scholar to work with the TTU Libraries allows you to use Google Scholar as your database, by allowing you to get the materials from the TTU libraries. Therefore the materials are creditable and reliable. 

Step 1. To change the settings click on the three dashesthree dashes in the upper left corner.

Step 2.  Click ongear iconSettings at the bottom of the slide out menu. 

Step 3. Click on Library links on far left.

Step 4. Type Texas Tech and nothing else.

Step 4. Click on the box to include Texas Tech Univ. Libraries - FT@TTULib.

Step 5. Click Save.


Hello, I am the personal librarian for the Women's & Gender Studies program. Students, staff, or faculty are welcome to visit my office any time.  However, if you prefer, feel free to use any of the contact methods list below my picture whenever you might need some assistance.  

What your personal librarian can do for you?

  • help you when you have any question about the library
  • have a citation where you need to read the article, but don't know how to get to the article
  • have an assignment that requires you to find peer reviewed journal articles, or any library materials
  • help you with keywords and searching stratgies
  • help you set up your Document Delivery/ interlibrary loan account
  • help you locate citation style manuals or citation style manual websites
  • help distance students navigate library resources
  • help you understand managing citation software: Endnote Basic (Endnote Web), Zotero, and Mendeley