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Hospitality and Retail Management: RTL 3340 International Retailing

This guide will be useful as a resource for assignment help, for research assistance, and for finding subject information.

Company Research

What is the name of the company?

Is it a parent company or a subsidiary? 

What type of company you are researching?

Public Companies - will have the most information available.

Prviate Companies - will be hard to locate information as these companies are not required to release information unlike public companies.

Nonprofits - have to fill out a IRS form called a 990. Foundations Center Online is one database that TTU has access to that can search 990s. 

Do you know the ticker symbol for the company?

A ticker symbol is an abbrevation for a publicly traded company. Many databases allow searching using the ticker symbol. 

Library Services


Recommended Databases

Additional Resources

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