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Open Access: TTU Open Access Fund

This guide will provide recommendations and assistance in finding information about Open Access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I apply for the award?


Apply for the award on Competition Space


What do I do if the fund is not available or my department will not supplement additional costs?


Luckily, there is more than one way to publish open access.


1) If you can not pay the fee, your desired journal may allow the reviewed version to be deposited in a repository.


2) You might consider another journal that publishes open access without asking for a fee. To find more open access journals visit the Directory of Open Access Journals or contact a librarian.


The criteria states the journal must be reputable. How do I know if the journal I want to publish in is high quality?


Contact your Personal Librarian or the Scholarly Publishing Librarian for help assessing journals. You can also visit the guide for Assessing Journals or check the Library Workshop Schedule. While blacklists or whitelists are a quick start, there are signs to look out for that can help you publish in high quality journals.


If I am awarded the funds, does that mean I retain my copyright?


Paying the Article Processing Charge (APC) should mean your publishing contract has wording about retaining your copyright. This way you can share with colleagues, put it on your website, teach with the material and deposit to ThinkTech without copyright restrictions. Please visit the guide on Author’s Rights or contact the Scholarly Publishing Librarian if you have questions or concerns.


How do I know if my journal will allow open access publishing?


You can use a tool called SherpaROMEO to look up the journal policy or contact the Scholarly Publishing Librarian for review of your journal’s policy options.


Who approves the award? Who do I contact to pay funds to the publisher after they are awarded?

The Office of the Vice President of Research approves awards. Please contact them to pay the publisher. Contact information can be found in the award notification email.


How do I know which version of the manuscript to submit to ThinkTech?


If you pay the APC, you should be able to submit the publisher PDF. Please double check the publisher policy on this or contact the Scholarly Publishing Librarian.


Why should I submit to ThinkTech if it the work is openly published?


Although the work is published openly, it is good to preserve digital items by making copies in secured locations. Unlike a portfolio website, Media Site or ResearchGate, the institutional repository (ThinkTech) archives items for the long-term. Even digital items can become lost and occasionally journals can fold. Depositing in ThinkTech also demonstrates your legacy at Tech and helps increase the impact of your work.

Open Access Fund Requirements

In an initiative to support publication in open access journals, a fund of $25,000 has been allocated by the Office of the Vice President for Research.  This fund is to be used to help authors defray the cost of open access publication fees.  Summary details can be found below, but please also consult the Links to OA Resources section, found on the right side of this page.

  • OVPR will contribute up to 80% of the publication fee (to a maximum of $2500 per manuscript) until funding runs out
    •   Remaining percentage should be funded by the department or college of the author
  • One article per senior/corresponding author
  • Funding may be requested at the time of submission, even before payment is due
  • Manuscript must be published by
    • A member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association
    • A publisher that adheres to the OASPA Code of Conduct
    • A publisher listed on the Directory of Open Access Journals
  • Publications listed on Beall's List of Predatory Open Access Publishers are not eligible
  • Manuscripts must be deposited into ThinkTech, the Texas Tech University Institutional Repository
  • Requests/questions should be directed to Guy Loneragan (
    • Please include "Open Access Request" in the subject line