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Basics of Library Research Workshop: Printing

Learn about your Personal Librarian, database searching and print and online resources.

What is WĒPA?

Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere. WEPA allows users to print their documents from computers, mobile devices, and USB flash drives. Print jobs can be stored online for 96 hours and retrieved from any WEPA kiosk on campus.

Cost of Printing

If you need to print a document, the first step is to deposit money for printing on your RaiderCard or wēpa account. You can pay for your prints with your Texas Tech University ID Card, WĒPA Account, or a WĒPA Print Card.

  • TTU ID Card: Swipe your card to log in at the kiosk and pay with funds on your Raider Card account.
  • WĒPA Account: Load funds onto your account by logging into
  • WĒPA Print Card: Log in at the kiosk and pay with funds from your prepaid print card.



Black & White Single Page


Black & White Duplex


Color Single Page


Color Duplex


How to Add Money for Printing

Funds can be added for printing by:

  1. Visiting the Raider Card website at (credit/debit only, $5 minimum deposit).
  2. Visiting the Raider Card machine on the Library’s first floor near the west elevators (cash only, no change given).
  3. Visiting the wēpa website at (credit/debit only, $5 minimum deposit).
  4. Visiting the University ID Office in the Student Union Building, Room 103, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (cash, credit/debit, check).


Printer Locations

Ground Floor
There are 8 print kiosks located on the ground floor in the public computing area. There is 1 color print kiosk near the Popular Reading and New Books area, and the others print only in black & white.

Mezzanine Floor
There is 1 kiosk in the center of the mezzanine floor that prints in color or in black & white.

Digital Media Studio (2nd floor, east side)
There is 1 kiosk located near the iMac computers that prints in color or in black & white.

Subject Guide

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Kimberly Vardeman
Texas Tech University Library
Basement, Office 4
(806) 834-4156

Printer Problems

If the printer is not printing because it is out of paper, paper is jammed, etc., visit a service desk located at the east and west library entrances. Or call (806) 742-2265.