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Research Impact and Visibility: Researcher Profiles

A guide on tools to promote your research and increase citations

Actions to Increase Visibility

There are many things you can do to enhance the visibility of your research:

  • Analyse who is using your research and through which channels
  • Avoid journals that are not well-indexed
  • Create an ORCID
  • Blog and tweet selectively on your research topics
  • Deposit your publications in the university repository
  • Produce a short video pitch on your main research topic
  • Publish Open Access
  • Share an early version of your paper as pre-print (ArXiv, Cognet, RepEc, SSRN etc.)
  • Share your data (FigShare, Dutch Dataverse network etc.)
  • Upload full text of your papers to your researcher profiles or your own website
  • Use a stable and full author name and affiliation
  • Use research profiles to unambiguously link publications to you

Why should I care about my online presence?

  • To make your research and teaching activities known
  • To increase the chance of publications getting cited
  • To correct attribution, names and affiliations
  • To make sure that a much as possible is counted in research assessments
  • To increase the chance of new contacts for research cooperation
  • To increase the chance of funding
  • To serve society better

Researcher Profile sites and services compared

There are various types of sites and services that are important in fostering your visibility:

  • Author disambiguation services: ORCID and ResearcherID (and also DAI/NARCIS, VIAF and ISNI that are managed by libraries and registration agencies and require no user action from academics)
  • Personal sites and social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, own website, blog
  • Researcher Communities: Academia / ResearchGate
  • Reference managrment tools with social functions: Mendeley
  • Search engines with author profiles: Google Scholar, Scopus
  • University author profile pages: UU pages
  Mendeley Google Scholar ORCID Researcher ID ScopusID Research Gate Academia edu* UU pages
publications list y y y y y y y y
publications linked y y y y y (poss.) (poss.)  (poss.)
publications metrics y y n y y y y n
soc. media links n n n n n y y n
bio, interests, affil y y y y n y y y
user accounts 201310 2.5 million ? >250K ? na ~3 million 4.9 milllion all UU
user accounts 201410 > 3 million ? >950K ? na ~5 million >14.6 million all UU
Utrecht users 201210 229 437 ? 273 na >1000 986 all
Utrecht users 201303 ? 585 ? 276 na 2304 1295 all
Utrecht users 201310 (incl. UMCU) ~1500? (Jan 2014) 678 ~80 376 na 3036 1401 all

Utrecht  users 201410 (incl. UMCU)

? 968 476 (UU only) 478 na 3648 3013 all
uploading papers y n n n n y y y
adding publication data manually y y y n n y y n
adding publications (semi)automatically many search engines + import RIS or BibTeX Google Scholar

Crossref + Scopus + RsearcherID + DataCite + PubMedCentral Europe

WoS + ORCID Scopus PubMed + IEEE + CiteSeer + RepEc + BMC Crossref + Microsoft AS+ PubMed + ArXiv Metis / Pure

* Academia figures include students and alumni