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ETD Preservation Workshop: Home

This workshop will help you understand how simple steps will protect your ETD from being destroyed by common digital decay.

ETD Preservation: Formats, Versions, and Storage (Oh, My!)

That’s a nice dissertation you have there. It’d be terrible if something… happened to it.

As you work toward your degree, you store your files on your laptop, which is an ideal situation until your hard drive crashes and you find your last backup on your external drive is from four months – and two dissertation chapters – earlier.

Or, a year after defending your thesis, you find a great opportunity to re-contextualize and present your work at a conference. But, when you open your thesis folder on your computer, all you can find is the raw data. What started as an easy opportunity is now a week of sleepless nights editing files just to get back to the starting line.

Or, an email arrives. “We’re excited to tell you … As part of the acquisition, we will shut down your account in two weeks. It is your responsibility to retrieve your data from the service.” What promised to be the latest-and-greatest way to get your work done has now trapped your work.

Let this workshop help you avoid all these traps on the way to your ETD!

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