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This guide is for resources related to Music

How do I search for music scores?

How do I search for music scores?

To find printed editions of music scores, type words from the title, the composer's name, instrument, or other keywords in the main search box on the Library homepage. When viewing results, the filters on the left side of the library discovery search tool offer an easy way to customize the results you see.

In this example, an initial search returns over 200 results. The highlighted filter on the left under "Material Type" will show only scores. There are other filters such as "Available in the Library" that displays only items on library shelves (not checked out).


Library catalog search for respighi notturno. Filter on left side for "Scores" is highlighted.


These filtered search results are limited only to scores. 

Library catalog search for respighi notturno. Filter on left side for "Scores" selected


Select an item to view more details about it—information such as the composer, publisher, edition, description, and possibly table of contents. Note the call number location. It works like an address to determine an item's location on the shelf.

Screenshot of library catalog record with call number highlighted: Available at University Library Stacks (Floor 3)  M22.R47 P53 2006


Finding Guide for Scores - In Development

Items are arranged by subject on Library shelves according to the Library of Congress Classification System. The tables below give an overview of the call number sections where you can find performance materials. See also the Library of Congress Classification Outline for Music.

Instrument Call Number Range
Organ M6 – M19
Piano M20 – M39
Violin M40 – M44
Viola M45 – M49
Violoncello M50 – M54
Double-Bass M55 – M58
Flute M60 – M64
Oboe M65 – M69
Clarinet M70 – M74
Bassoon M75 – M79
Horn M80 – M84
Trumpet and Cornet M85 – M89
Trombone M90 – M94
Tuba M95 – M99
Saxophone M105 – M109
Harp M115 – M119
Guitar M125 – M129
Drums M146
Type or Format Call Number Range
Full Orchestra M1000 – M1075
Symphonies M1001
Symphonic Poems M1002
Suites, Partitas, etc. M1003
Overtures, Preludes, etc. M1004
Concertos M1005 – M1041
String orchestra M1100 – M1160
Band M1200 – M1270
Other Ensembles M1350 – M1366
Instrumental music for children M1375 – M1420
Vocal Music Call Number Range
Secular M1497 – M1998
Dramatic M1500 – M1527
Secular choral music, part songs, etc. M40 – M44
Secular songs for solo voice M1611 – M1626
National, folk, patriotic M1627 – M1853
Secular music for children M1990 – M1998
Sacred vocal music M1999 – M2199
Oratorios, masses, services, etc. M2000 – M2017
Cantatas, anthems, part songs M2018 – M2099
Sacred songs for solo voice M2102 – M2114
Hymns, psalms, and choral books M2115 – M2146
Liturgy and ritual M2147 – M2188
Sacred music for children M2190 – M2196
Popular religious and devotional music M2198 – M2199

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