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RIO Department Dashboard

Information, Statistics & Data about the Libraries' Research, Instruction & Outreach (RIO) Department

From Faculty

Is this what we are looking for?



Thanks so much for this! This resource is incredibly helpful for work I am doing this summer.  I will be sure to pass this on to colleagues with the request for feedback.

I appreciate your support of research so much!




Hi Donell, Thank you for all of this, especially the note at the bottom. Solution-finders are the best kind of people! I'll definitely remember to request useful items I receive through ILL - I do use it quite a bit!

Thanks to those of you who so frequently refer to Hett.  Please remember that Donell Callender is our Education librarian.  Seek her out with questions about your research and with suggestions about documents the Tech library should have.  She and her colleagues have been most helpful and responsive.