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TTU-CR Transitioning to Teaching Online

Use this page of resources to design or re-design your class for online teaching and learning.

General Strategies

Transitioning your course online, and doing so on a short timeline, can be overwhelming. To help eliminate decision fatigue, choose a strategy based your course content and pedagogy, and then adapting that content and its delivery method in a consistent way. 

  • Strategy 1. If your class is small, or discussion-based, have your students read from their required course materials, journal about what they've learned, and then discuss in a live, synchronous setting. 
  • Strategy 2. If your class is larger or based on lectures, consider recording your lecture as a video, assigning a homework quiz, and then hosting a live Question & Answer session in a live, synchronous setting. 

Use the navigation on the left to get step-by-step instructions for each strategy. 

Note: These strategies and all associated content have been reused and adapted from Vanderbilt University's blog post "Putting some of your course content online in a hurry? We have resources for you!"