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Texas STEM Librarians 2016

Texas STEM Librarians 2016: Planting Diverse Seeds

Texas STEM Librarians 2016

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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Dominic Casadonte, Professor of Chemistry, Minnie Stevens Piper Professor



Professor Casadonte has three areas of active research: 1) The application of high- and low-intensity ultrasound in the fabrication of novel nanomaterial and molecular systems with potential medical, energy storage, catalytic, and environmental remediation activity, 2) The synthesis of supramolecular first- and second-row transition metal organometallic complexes for use as molecular photo-circuit elements. Many of these compounds possess unusual excited state processes which we strive to understand, and 3) Chemical education Professor Casadonte has a variety of interests here. As a leader in the flipped classroom movement, Professor Casadonte performs research on this methodology for effective classroom utilization. He is also known for his work in chemical laboratory safety education.

Museum Tour!

Bayer Museum of Agriculture

Showcasing exhibits of science and technology in agriculture through the ages, this year’s conference will feature a tour of important historical agricultural records.





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