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American Environmental History Research Guide

To supplement instruction for History 4323

Helpful Keywords for Locating Environmental Items


Books are an important source of information. The subject headings listed below are just a sample of what you might use to find books in WorldCat or the library's catalog (One Search Box)

When searching WorldCat and the One Search Box, by keyword, always check subject headings associated with a book's record - they can help lead you to additional resources. 

  • Agriculture History 
  • Biogeography
  • Civilization Modern History 
  • Climatic Changes 
  • Deforestation History 
  • Environmental Degradation History 
  • Environmental Policy History  
  • Environmentalism United States History  
  • Fires
  • Forests And Forestry United States History
  • Global Warming 
  • Human Ecology History
  • Human Evolution 
  • Human Geography 
  • Landscape Changes of the United States History
  • Nature Effect Of Human Beings On 
  • Nature Effect of Human Beings on History 
  • United States Environmental Conditions
  • United States Historical Geography 
  • Wildfires