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Women of Color Feminism Resources

Guide to help you find resources on Women of Color Feminisms

About Women of Color Feminism

Women of Color Feminisms

The following description encompasses some of the concepts and ideologies:

Women of Color and Feminism tackles the question of how women of color experience feminism, and how race and socioeconomics can alter this experience (Rojas). Considerations of race, racism, and economic and social injustices have always intertwined with issues of patriarchy and sexism. Women of color who also hold feminist beliefs are also acutely aware of how their communities, broadly defined, are affected by outside forces.

Topics can cover, but not limited to:

sexuality, gender politics, violence, stereotypes, and reproductive rights, multilayered identity

To learn more, please visit links in this research guide, or search the library's catalog.

Helpful Search Terms & Tips

Find books and other resources regarding women of color and feminism.

The following terms or keywords can be useful since many labels given to specific ethnicities and identities are ethnonyms that can be sometimes used as a catch-alls. This list is not exhaustive and can include many more:

  • African American, African descent, North African, South African, Black women, Afro-Latina/o (can include variety within cultures) ,
  • Egyptian, Arab, Latinx, Latina/o, Hispanic, Mexican American (sometimes hyphenated), Chicana/o,  Chicanx, Xicana/o, Xicanx, Tejana/o (from or related to Texas), Puerto Rican, Nuyorican, Borinquén, boricua, borincano, Columbian, Columbian American, Cuban, Salvadorian, Dominican, Guatemalan, Costa Rican

The following keywords can also be used for searches:

underrepresented communities, people of color, diversity, women of color, feminist movement, Black Feminist Movement, Chicana Feminist movement, feminism AND minorities, etc.

Use these terms in context of what you are searching within your area of research.

Use AND, OR, or NOT to limit results to include specific geographic areas, years, or other demographic.

Some notable names in Feminism and Women of Color Feminisms:

Gloria Steinem, Audre Lorde, Alice Walker, Gloria Anzaldua, Cherrie Moraga, Bell Hooks, Dr. Pauli Murray, Frances Beal, the Suffragetes, Angela Davis, Coretta Scott King, Maria Lugones, Leta Hong Fincher


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