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Tome Raider - RRO Interactive Library Tour

Self-guided tour of the University Library. Contains audio clips for the Tome Raider game and transcripts for hearing-impaired.

Station #2, East Service Desk


Nolen: This must be the standard circulation desk seen in every library. This must be a go-to spot for checking out books and other equipment. INCLUDING Ah, are these study room keys? We can definitely use these to investigate the rooms later. I’ll borrow some of these.
(There is a jingle of keys)

There are also some laptops and whiteboards that can be checked out. I know a few people that would pay a pretty penny for a whiteboard these days.

But we will cross that bridge when get there. Looks like we got ourselves some elevators.
Two pairs of elevators in fact! The one on the other side, by the public computers, seems to take you to the Stacks sections for books and designated quiet study areas, but I will investigate that one later.   
(Pushes button. Elevator dings)

For now, let’s ride up on the East Elevators in front of me.

End recording…

VO: Proceed to the 2nd floor on the East side for the next stop of the tour.