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Tome Raider - RRO Interactive Library Tour

Self-guided tour of the University Library. Contains audio clips for the Tome Raider game and transcripts for hearing-impaired.

Station #5, Study Hub, Public Computers, & More


(Eating Chips)
Nolen: Oh, I’m sorry. Found myself a little snack pantry. “Raider Red’s Food Pantry Snack Spot, open to all Texas Tech students.” Well I’m sure they can extend their generosity to an old man like me. But I should get back to work. I’ll indulge some more later.

Back to the first floor. I decided to venture into what I believe they considered the second half of the library. Oh look, there are some labeling…it reads “Study Hub.”

This could only mean that this area was used for…studying…

And Jonathan from HR wondered why I got paid the big bucks.

Anyway, this appears to be a nice group study area. And according to flyers I found strewn about, the hours are rather generous even being open 24 hours during special academic periods like finals.
I also see lots of computers loaded with the latest software. Plus, printers and scanners and I see print journals on the far west wall.

One of the study hub rooms had a whiteboard already here, presumably checked out from the East Service Desk.

VO: Proceed to the second floor of the West Side for the next stop of the tour.