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Tome Raider - RRO Interactive Library Tour

Self-guided tour of the University Library. Contains audio clips for the Tome Raider game and transcripts for hearing-impaired.

Station #7, Stacks


Nolen: Wow! There was a lot of study spaces up here. Oh wait! I didn’t notice that this was a quiet area. Sorry…

Still the collective stacks make the basement look like my childhood playroom. It took me an hour to look through every study room with the keys I had. The rooms I didn’t have keys for I couldn’t find ways to get inside, so they’re pretty secure.

I’m lost on what to do next. I’ve checked every room and the tens of thousands of books in the stacks, and I haven’t found any compelling leads on the secret to this library.

I think it’s time to head back to the ground floor. I recall a Document Delivery room that I haven’t checked. Maybe hope against hope there will be something there.

End recording…

VO: Proceed to the first floor and find Rm 130 for the next stop of the tour.