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Tome Raider - RRO Interactive Library Tour

Self-guided tour of the University Library. Contains audio clips for the Tome Raider game and transcripts for hearing-impaired.

Research Hub & Undergraduate Writing Center (Room 132)


NOLEN: I am here in the Research Hub. I recall having one of these at my alma mater. I used it myself since it was an affirming place to get research help.
Anyway, I also got myself a few brochures from a place called the Undergraduate Writing Center, a place for students to get feedback for their essays and writing projects. Looks like there were also tutors from the Learning Center. They were found in this location on certain days of the week, so it is safe to assume this was their room when they visit during the hours listed on the front.  
Oh, I’m sorry, “their” room when they visited.
(He softly chuckles)
(shyly) That was just a little joke for those listening.

NOLEN (CONT’D): But I think that’s it. I think I explored every nook and cranny of this building, but evidence suggests my work doesn’t end here. Rumors suggest the existence of other libraries, and I found the names and locations to them.
One actually is not far from here. There is a building called The Southwest Collection: A library containing historical documents and material stretching thousands of years and associated with towering figures and musical artists. I might start there.  
And if I can somehow research the other libraries, it would cement my career into legendary status.
The world of library history and architecture will never be the same.
End recording.