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Archived Reading Groups

All but the last two years of book club groups at Texas Tech University Library

Fall 2020 Schedule

February 9, 2021 | 7-8:30 pm 

via Zoom

February 16, 2021 |  7-8:30 pm

via Zoom

Monday, March 5, 2021  7-8:30 pm 

via Zoom

Visitor parking on TTU campus


This Reading Group is sponsored in part by the Texas Tech University Libraries.

        University Libraries 

Please Join us in Reading The Hobbit

Books related to Foundation at the TTU Library and Mahon Public Library

Books related to Foundation  at the TTU library

Asimov.  Foundation and Earth  University Library   Stacks (Floor 4)   PS3551.S5 F594 1986  and ebook

Asimov.  Foundation and Empire   University Library   Stacks (Floor 4)   PS3551.S5 F713

Asimov.  The Foundation Trilogy [three classics of science fiction]    University Library   Stacks (Floor 4)   PS3551.S5 .F71 1964

Asimov.  Foundation's Edge   University Library   Stacks (Floor 4)   PS3551.S5 F72  and ebook

Gunn.  Partexts:  introductions to science fiction and fantasy   Stacks (Floor 4)   PS3513.U797 A6 2013  and ebook 

Tom.  A beautiful math.  University Library   Stacks (Floor 4)   QA269 .S574 2006     and ebook


Books related to Foundation at the Mahon Public Library