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Academic Integrity at Texas Tech

Strive for Honor Guns Up

Red Raiders strive to personify academic integrity in the classroom, on the Texas Tech campus, and outside the university environment. One could assume that having academic integrity simply means avoiding dishonesty such as cheating or plagiarism, but someone who demonstrates integrity should also exemplify honorable behaviors:

  • Desiring to help our fellow Red Raiders, to watch out for our peers and classmates, and assist them in times of need;
  • Acting with integrity within the classroom, providing only the best of ourselves in our endeavors, and not succumbing to the lure of academic misconduct such as cheating or plagiarism;
  • Striving to better ourselves and our institution with our commitment to our responsibilities today and our promises to make the world a better tomorrow; and
  • Living the values of Texas Tech, while continuing to always learn and promote new ideas and opportunities for those yet to come.

Adapted from Student Transition & Engagement: Strive for Honor.

Texas Tech University Statement of Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is taking responsibility for one’s own class and/or course work, being individually accountable, and demonstrating intellectual honesty and ethical behavior. Academic integrity is a personal choice to abide by the standards of intellectual honesty and responsibility. Because education is a shared effort to achieve learning through the exchange of ideas, students, faculty, and staff have the collective responsibility to build mutual trust and respect. Ethical behavior and independent thought are essential for the highest level of academic achievement, which then must be measured. Academic achievement includes scholarship, teaching, and learning, all of which are shared endeavors. Grades are a device used to quantify the successful accumulation of knowledge through learning. Adhering to the standards of academic integrity ensures grades are earned honestly. Academic integrity is the foundation upon which students, faculty, and staff build their educational and professional careers.

Source: Texas Tech University (“University”) Quality Enhancement Plan, Academic Integrity Task Force, 2010

Research Integrity

Here are a few recommended resources on research integrity and citing resources.

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