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Kinesiology and Sport Management

Research guide for the Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management.

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GV 1-1860                                  Recreation. Leisure
        GV 181.35-181.6                       Recreation leadership. Administration of rec services
        GV182-182.5                              Recreational areas and facilities. Recreation centers
         GV201-555                                Physical education and training
         GV346-351.5                             School and college athletics. Intramural
                                                                   and interscholastic athletics
         GV401-433                                 Phys ed facilities. Sports facilities; gymnasiums,
                                                                    athletic fields, playgrounds, etc.
         GV435-436.7                              Physical measurements. Physical tests, etc.
         GV460-555                                 Gymnastics
         GV557-1198.995                       Sports
         GV711                                         Coaching
         GV712-725                                 Athletic contests. Sports events
         GV733-734.5                              Professionalism in sports. Professional
                                                                    sports (General)
         GV735                                         Umpires. Sports officiating
         GV743-749                                 Athletic and sporting goods, supplies, etc.
         GV861-1017                               Ball games: Baseball, football, golf, etc.
         GV1040-1060.4                         Cycling. Bicycling. Motorcycling
         GV1060.5-1098                         Track and field athletics
         GV1100-1150.9                         Fighting sports: Bullfighting, boxing, fencing, etc.
         GV1151-1190                            Shooting. Archery
         GV1195-1198.995                    Wrestling
         GV1203-1220.8                         Children's games and amusements
         GV1580-1799.4                         Dancing
QP                                               Physiology, Includes Kinesiology (QP 303)
QM                                               Human Anatomy
RA 781                                        Physical Fitness
RC 1200-1245                          Sports Medicine
RD 92-97.8                                Emergency surgery. Wounds and injuries
RD 101-104                               Fractures (General)
RD 792-811                               Physical rehabilitation
RM 190-259                               Clinical Nutrition       
RM 695-893                               Physical Therapy