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Hospitality and Retail Management

This guide will be useful as a resource for assignment help, for research assistance, and for finding subject information.


Company Research

What is the name of the company?

Is it a parent company or a subsidiary? 

What type of company you are researching?

Public Companies - will have the most information available.

Prviate Companies - will be hard to locate information as these companies are not required to release information unlike public companies.

Nonprofits - have to fill out a IRS form called a 990. Foundations Center Online is one database that TTU has access to that can search 990s. 

Do you know the ticker symbol for the company?

A ticker symbol is an abbrevation for a publicly traded company. Many databases allow searching using the ticker symbol. 

Make Google Scholar Work for You!

Setting Google Scholar to work with the TTU Libraries allows you to use Google Scholar as your database, by allowing you to get the materials from the TTU libraries. Therefore the materials are creditable and reliable. 

Step 1. To change the settings click on the three dashesthree dashes in the upper left corner.

Step 2.  Click ongear iconSettings at the bottom of the slide out menu. 

Step 3. Click on Library links on far left.

Step 4. Type Texas Tech and nothing else.

Screenshot of Google Scholar with Library Links open

Step 4. Click on the box to include Texas Tech Univ. Libraries - FT@TTULib.

Step 5. Click Save.