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Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research

Getting Some Background

"ICPSR" stands for Inter-University Consortium for Poltical and Social Research. The consortium consists of over 700 research intitutions that deposit their social science data with ICPSR for use by members. Texas Tech University is a member of the consortium, enabling faculty and students to have access to hundreds of thousands of data files. Faculty use the data for teaching to promote quantitative literacy, and students use it to write papers or to conduct secondary analysis. Researchers use it as a place to disseminate and preserve their data, and use it in grant proposals. ICPSR also provides complete data management and curation services, including help with data management plans, management of sensitive and restricted use data, and security plan reviews. Open ICPSR provides a place for researchers to deposit their data to comply with funder mandates and make their data available to the public.

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Getting Started with ICPSR

Viewing Data with SDA

Getting Started with Statistical Software

You can find information about statistical software for analyzing data by searching the Safari Books database for the name of the particular software package you are looking for, such as SPSS, SAS, MiniTab, Stata, R, etc. To access the Safari Books database, click on the Databases A-Z link on the TTU Libraries home page, type Safari Books in the search box, and click Go.


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Citing Data