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Poster Design and Presentation

Resources and Information from the Poster Presentation Workshop


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Brian Quinn
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If you would like help from me, please send a consultation request indicating the day and time you would like to meet.  You can use the email link in my "Personal Librarian" box on the right side of this guide.

Document Delivery

Use Texas Tech Library's Document Delivery Service to request free electronic copies of articles, standards, or patents delivered to you by email within 48 hours.  Use the link below and follow directions carefully. 

A workshop on this topic is given at the Library every semester

Creating a poster for presentation at a scholarly conference can be challenging. There are many factors that go into the conception and execution of an outstanding poster, one that stands out from the competition. In this workshop, those who attend will learn the importance of defining your audience, as well as the intricacies and aesthetics of poster design and information layout. You will learn about graphics, color, typography, and other key elements that go into the creation of an award-winning design. The significance of rehearsal and presentation strategies and what factors to consider in effective poster assessment are additional topics that will be covered.  This workshop will help to demystify the poster creation and presentation process and provide participants with the skills that they need to produce and showcase an outstanding poster that demands attention. 

Poster session PowerPoint presentation

Printing Posters

Printing a large-format poster is not as easy as printing 'standard' (8 1/2 x 11") work. However, you have options available to you, both on-campus and off. Inclusion in the list below does not constitute endorsement; items are included in the list to give the average person (who has never had to think about having a large-format poster printed) a 'starting point'.

Poster Presentation Workshop Recording