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POLS 3360-001 American Foreign Policy

Resources for researching foreign policy problems.

Campus Resources

This is where you can list campus departments (such as the Center for Global Communication or Communication Tutoring Center) that will act as campus support for the initiative.

Online Resources

This is where you can list online resources (organizations, associations, etc.) which may assist students in becoming aware of global communication issues.

Quality Enhancement Plan

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is "Bear our banners far and wide: Communicating in a global society," and is meant to empower students to communicate effectively in a globally-focused learning environtment. The resources listed here are chosen to support the goals of the plan, including:

  1. TTU students will develop communication skills in a variety of media that are appropriate to their disciplines and focus on developing them within a global context.

  2. TTU students will successfully apply these communication skills in a range of situations with audiences, both local and global.

Language Resources

This is where you can list resources related to language and communication (spoken, written, non-verbal, etc.).  For example, I might start listing Mango languages or international news publications for students to see the language/media differences between countries in a historical or political topic.

Culture Resources

This is where you can list resources which provide cultural diversity and promote acceptance.  Examples may include the Muslim Student Association or Lubbock Interfaith Association.

Multimedia Creation Resources

This is where you can list resources to assist students in creating multimedia content in a variety of formats.  This may include videos on using PowerPoint or Final Cut Pro, books on speaking techniques, or YouTube clips of effective presentations.

Librarian for Political Science, Government Information, Maps, and Patents/Trademarks

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