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Introduction to Metadata and MetaRaider: MetaRaider

This is a guide that will walk users through what metadata is, how to use it, and how to utilize TTU's new tool, MetaRaider, in helping them create descriptive metadata for their data.

What is MetaRaider?

MetaRaider is an online client available to all Texas Tech University faculty, staff, and students which allows for the creation of metadata records without the installation of software. MetaRaider offers four metadata schemas to choose from Simple Dublin Core, Dublin Core, Simple Darwin Core, and Darwin Core. Two other offerings of the client are template builders for Dublin Core and Simple Darwin Core. These template builders will allow users to create their own field names and customize record formats tailored to their research.

MetaRaider can be found on the main Texas Tech Library website under Research and Teaching Support --> Digital Services --> MetaRaider or by using the links below.

MetaRaider Simple Dublin Core

MetaRaider Dublin Core

MetaRaider Dublin Core Template

MetaRaider Simple Darwin Core

MetaRaider Darwin Core

MetaRaider Simple Darwin Core Template

Need help with the client? Have a suggestion to make MetaRaider better? Would you like to see your discipline's standard available? Email Matthew McEniry for more information.