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Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement: A Radical Democratic Vision

The guide provides information on the 2021 Book Club entitled "Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement: A Radical Democratic Vision" by Barbara Ransby.

Biography for Speaker (March 1) Nesrine Chahine


Nesrine Chahine specializes in modern Arabic literature in its global relations to European and Afro-Asian cultural histories. Her book project, Marketplaces of the Modern, examines representations of Egypt as a marketplace in texts by twentieth-century Egyptian and Anglophone authors, arguing that unresolved narrative tensions over the commodification of laboring bodies, cultural artifacts, and raw goods reflect the troubled history of metropolitan influence in twentieth-century Egypt. The project engages debates on transnationalism and globalization by emphasizing the necessity of recuperating the material dimensions of culture. Her translation of selections from Ahmad Shawqi's Death of Cleopatra has appeared in the Norton Critical Edition of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, and her article, "Peter Abrahams and the Bandung Era: Afro-Asian Routes of Connection," was published in Critical Arts. She is currently in negotiations with the American University of Beirut Press for the publication of a

Breakout Zoom Information For Session 3-TTU

Zoom Directions


Thank you for attending this Book Read virtually. The conference will be hosted on the Zoom meetings platforms, with each link providing you the room for each event. Below you will find the steps to log onto the Zoom platform for the conference and the login information.


· Click on the corresponding link for each session. Each session has a different link that you will want to click on at each session's start.


· Passwords should not be required if you click on the link provided to you.



· Please make sure your mic is muted, and your camera is off at the beginning of the session. If not, the host will turn off the camera and the mic.


· Sessions will end on time. The Opening, Greetings, and Keynote session will be 40 minutes, the Small Group Discussion session will be 10-15 minutes, and approximately 10 minutes for the Questions and Answers and Closing session. Questions and answers will be housed in the chat function and filtered by the moderator.


· Speakers will join the session five minutes before the session begins to test the technology and presentations. Attendees will be let into the session at the scheduled start time.