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HONS 2101: Inquiriy and Investigation: Home

resources for the honors course with Changzhi Li

Your Assignment


This guide will help you with the research aspects of your assignments.

Engineering Resources

Many of you will begin your research using the main search box on the libraries homepage. The University Libraries subscribes to many different databases that this search box will explore.


However, you may find it more helpful to go directly to the databases listed below. These are specialized, topical databases that contain information related to the sciences and to engineering topics.

Evaluating Information

IF I APPLY is a pneumonic device that is broken into two steps, which can help us to evaluate information.

Personal Steps:

I - Identify emotions attached to the topic

F - Find unbiased reference sources for topic

I - Intellectual courage to seek authoritative voices on the topic that may be outside of thesis


Source Steps:

A - Authority established; does the author have education and experience in the field?

P - Purpose/Point of view of source; does the author have an agenda other than informing the audience?

P - Publisher; does the publisher have an agenda?

L - List of sources

Y - Year of Publication

Attended a Library Session?

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