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Microfilm: Getting Started

How do I find them?

Scanners are located in the East Basement of the University Library. To locate Scanners:

1. Find the elevators opposite the East Service Desk on the ground floor.

2. Take the elevator to the floor labeled B

3. Continue straight from the elevators to Periodical Shelves (to the right of Maps)


What is Microfilm?

Microfilm ReelMicrofilm is a type of microform, reduced images of documents. Prior to the digital age, they were used to transmit, store, read, print many different types of documents such as newspapers and photographs. Microfilm is similar to the reel of film from a camera and comes in various sizes: 16mm and 35mm. 


Image: I, Ianare [CC BY-SA 2.5 (]

Microfilm ReaderTo read microfilm you need a special scanner. In the past, you had to use analog machines like this one to view materials. 

Image: Unknown [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons



ScanPro2000Today, however, while the scanning process is still similar, we can save selected documents or images from the film using a scanner that converts them to a digital format using our ScanPro 2000. You can put these images on to a flash drive, email, or cloud service and be on your way! No need to print. Plus you have more editing and resolution power at the press of a button!




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