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New Library Site: Study Spaces


Study SpacesFinding a place to study doesn't have to be a pain!

TTU Libraries offers the following through an online reservation system:

  • group study rooms 
  • individual study rooms 
  • GroupWorks space 
  • individual study carrels*

To make reservations for study rooms or GroupWorks space

  1. Click on the green Study Spaces square.
  2. Select a date by clicking on the calendar icon or select a week by clicking on the green arrows green arrow on either side of the week range.

​​Study Room Select Date

      3. Find the study room or GroupWorks space that you desire.

      4. Select a reservable time in a white tile space or range.

Selecting Study Room

          5. Review and confirm the study room or GroupWorks space as well as the time.

          6. Add your telephone number.

          7. Press Create.

Review Reservations

*Study Carrels are limited to visiting scholars, graduates enrolled at the 6000, 7000, or 8000 level, and Honors students enrolled at the 3300 or 4300 level and have a separate sign-up process.


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