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Getting Started with Publons and Publons Academy: Home

This guide provides information on understanding the products of Publeons (Clarivate Analytics) and Publeons Academy. This provides information on Reviewer recognition, training, post-publication review, and statistics within the peer-review process.

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Spring 2020 Session:


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This session provides patrons with the opportunity to learn about using Publons and Publons Academy. Publons allows you to track your publications, citation metrics, peer review, and journal editing into one singular profile. All of the publications can be instantly imported from Web of Science, ORCID, or a bibliographic reference manager ( ex: Endnote or Mendeley). The user would be provided with trusted citation metrics from the Web of Science Core Collection. This allows the users to verify peer review and any related journal editing history from thousands of scholarly journals. Publon Academy provides modules for understanding the peer review process and connecting with the editors at relevant journals.

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