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RAIDER Publishing: Formatting Guidelines

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Formatting Guidelines

This page contains formatting and general submissions guidelines for the two times a manuscript is submitted during the publication process: 
  • Draft Submission (For Peer Review): this is the version you will submit initially to be sent out for peer review
  • Final Submission (Post-Peer Review): this is the version you will submit after peer review, prior to the work moving to production.  This should incorporate any changes requested during the peer review process. 
Please review these guidelines carefully before submitting your manuscript.
Note: please do not submit a manuscript until invited to do so by RAIDER Publishing staff.  If you are interested publishing with us, please submit a proposal:

Draft Submission (For Peer Review)

Once RAIDER Publishing staff have invited you to submit a manuscript, please submit one electronic copy of the manuscript using the following format guidelines:

  • In either Word or PDF format
  • As one file.  Please do not submit chapters as individual files.
  • Double spaced, with font in 12point Times New Roman
  • All illustrations (photographs, tables, graphs, and figures) should be embedded in the manuscript, with corresponding captions.  These do not have to be the final, high-resolution versions.

Please note that permissions are not required at this stage.  However,  obtaining permissions can be a long process and we recommend that you begin obtaining permissions early.

Final Submission (Post-Peer Review)

After a positive peer review, you will be asked to submit another version of the manuscript which will be used in the production process.  In addition to the manuscript, this submission will include copies of any permission documents, separate file images, and any additional information needed in the production process.  

These guidelines are forthcoming.

Additional Information

As RAIDER Publishing is currently in the pilot stage, these formatting guidelines are still in development.  Submission formatting requirements may change alongside output format, which will be finalized in conjunction with pilot participants.

This page will contain the current and most up-to-date submissions guidelines.  Any updates to guidelines will also be shared directly with authors.

If you have any questions, please contact the Digital Publishing Librarian.