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Workshop: GIS

Understand value of using GIS to do research and present information visually. Understand Library and University GIS resources and how to obtain them. Understand how to use several basic GIS resources such as ArcGIS, Data Planet, and StoryMaps.


This workshop will provide an introductory level discussion of GIS resources available at Texas Tech. Library and University GIS resources will be discussed as how to obtain them. Attendees will learn how to use ARCGIS, StoryMaps, and Data Planet. If you would like to use the ESRI ArcGIS software please request access -

Sample StoryMap in ArcGIS

These are examples of what a StoryMap can look like, if you would like to read the StoryMaps, please visit the links provided -   


Second example -

Workshop video - recorded fall of 2023

We will post the recording once it is ready.