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Mexican American & Latina/o Studies Resources

Guide to help find resources on Mexican American and Latina/o Studies.

Mexican American & Latina/o Studies

This guide will help you with research in Mexican American & Latina/o Studies! The guide identifies research tools, materials, resources, and information relevant to research in this area. Mexican American & Latina/o Studies, a minor offered at Texas Tech University, "introduces students to the significant and rich personal, historical, economic, cultural and religious experiences of Mexican Americans and Latina/os in the United States."

For more information about the program, please view the current TTU catalog.

Helpful Search Terms

Find books and other media on Latina/o topics. The following terms or keywords can be useful since "Latin/x, Latina/o, Hispanic, etc." are ethnonyms that can be sometimes used as a catch-all.

  • Latinx, Latino, Latina
  • Hispanic
  • Mexican American (sometimes hyphenated)
  • Chicano, Chicana, Chicanx, Xicana, Xicano, Xicanx, Tejano (from or related to Texas)
  • Puerto Rican, Nuyorican, Borinquén, boricua, borincano
  • Afro-Latinx, Afro-Latina, Afro-Latino (refers to Latin Americans of African ancestry)
  • Columbian, Columbian American
  • Cuban, Salvadorian, Dominican, Guatemalan, Costa Rican, etc

Use these terms in context of what you are searching within your area of research. For example: Afro-Latino AND Literature

Use AND, OR, or NOT to limit results to include specific geographic areas, years, or other demographic.