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Oral History

A guide to oral history resources at the Southwest Collection and beyond.

Remote Interviewing Overview

Sometimes in person interviews are not possible. Conducting a remote interview comes with its own set of challenges and considerations one must consider:

  • What level of technology is your interviewee comfortable with?
  • Can you get a quality recording with whatever set up you discuss?
  • To what extent will the mediated nature of a remote interview impact the interview overall?

The Oral History Association created a list of resources in the wake of COVID-19 shutdowns; of note is the decision tree [pdf] when considering remote interviewing.

Over the Phone Tips

Options for recording phone calls. If you are calling via a cell phone:


Tips for phone calls:

  • Always test the connection and software prior to conducting the interview. Troubleshoot methods to get the best possible audio quality.
  • Ask for interviewee to find a quiet space that will ensure minimal interruptions. Remind them to silence any alarms or things that might go off during the interview.
  • Ensure that your cell signal (or wifi) is strong.

Via Zoom Information

Resources for conducting zoom oral history interviews::