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Scanning at the Architecture Library

Scanners at the Architecture Library

At the Architecture Library, we have 5 types of scanners, each with unique qualities. Selection depends on the format and purpose of your scan.

Scanners in the Architecture Library
Use for Scanner Name Image quality Scan Area Things to Know Photo
Textual sources (books) KIC Bookeye Scanners

default 200dpi

max 400dpi (click gear symbol)


Scan to USB or email

Overhead scanning

*Scanning software may distort scans; built for optimizing text legibility

Large designs and artworks WideTEK25 "Fancy" Scanner

depends on template

max 1200dpi 


Scan via USB or using connected computer

3D illumination for texture

*Tricky software and slower speeds can be frustrating

Smaller designs and artworks EPSON V600 Photo max 6400 dpi 8.5x11.7"  
Books and journals OpticBook A300 max 600 dpi 12x17"

Can lay book or journal flat via book edge

*Use VueScan application

Multi-use EPSON DS50000 max 600 dpi 11.7x17"