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Scanning at the Architecture Library

Scanner Not Responding?

Restart the Scanner

  1. Press the power button at the front of the machine for 20 seconds until the scanner shuts down.
  2. Wait 30 seconds then press the power button to turn the scanner back on
  3. The scanner will scroll through white text on a black screen until reaching the Set Up display screen
  4. Choose Launch Scan Application on the bottom right and click Launch Scan Application again on the next screen

Display Screen for Set Up with Finger pointing to Launch Scan Application box in the lower right corner

Scanner Glass is Dirty or Smudged?

Ask someone at the Service Desk for assistance.

Library staff and student assistants can cleaning the scanner ONLY using the soft microfiber cloth or the air blower dust tool in the plastic container under the desk. They can gently move the cloth over the glass in a circular pattern to clean the smudges. Do not use water or any other cleaning fluids!

Still Dirty?

Library staff and student assistants will contact Sara Schumacher and she will clean the glass.