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100 Years of Classical Music on the South Plains

a libguide to accompany the Southwest Collection exhibit running January-July2024

100 Years of Classical Music on the South Plains Exhibit: Women's Music Organizations Cultivating Musical Culture in Lubbock Since 1923

In the early 1920s, Lubbock was a town of only four thousand residents. The public schools had taught music for almost a decade, but residents mostly had to be self-reliant when looking for entertainment options. Two groups of musically-inclined individuals—initially all women—came together separately in the fall of 1923 to create organizations that would encourage classical music study across the South Plains: the Lubbock Music Club and the South Plains Music Teachers Association. Within months of their respective beginnings, these groups scheduled lectures, concerts, and festivals that would lay a foundation of music education and enthusiasm for the next century. These groups have sponsored innumerable educational and entertainment opportunities that have improved the overarching musical and cultural growth of the South Plains region. They have provided venues to elevate local talents through scholarships, special programs, and concerts, often working with the Texas Tech community.  Both groups still exist today, and their work continues. This exhibit puts a small spotlight on the histories that are documented in processed collections within the Southwest Collection, acknowledging that there are many more stories left to be told.