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AI Awareness: Keeping Up with AI

This collection of resources will help you keep up with the latest developments in AI

E-Books and Articles


Newsletters and Blogs

Researchers and Conferences

To keep up with new AI developments, follow influential AI researchers and AI conferences on X, LinkedIn, and YouTube:

Researchers: @ylecun, @goodfellow_ian, AndrewYNg

Conferences: @aiconf2024, @NeurlPSConf, @ICMLconf

Online Communities and Forums

On the website Reddit, there are forums dedicated to specific AI topics called subreddits:

Reddit subreddits: r/MachineLearning, r/artificial, r/LanguageTechnology

Discord: Several products and organizations have their own communities: Bard, Hugging Face, OpenAI

Other platforms for learning: Stack, Overflow, Quora, Medium


Online Courses and Webinars

TTU Udemy offers free online courses about AI: "The Complete Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT Course" or "Artificial Intelligence A-Z 2024: Build 5 AI (incl. ChatGPT)" for those affiliated with TTU

edX, Coursera, FutureLearn, MIT OpenCourseWare, Open University offer free online courses

YouTube offers tutorials on how to use the latest AI tools: Andy Stapleton, Alana Rister, Amina Yonis all have multiple videos on using AI for scholarly research, also Matt Wolfe

YouTube also has channels on AI news that include the latest AI developments, and you can get summaries of YouTube AI videos at Notable Digest


Using AI To Keep Up with AI

With the explosion of AI literature, it can be challenging to keep up. Many AI tools offer article summarization features, including ChatGPT, Bard and Bing.

For example, you can ask Bing for a rundown of AI news and even have it speculate on what this news means to you. When asked "Please summarize the news about AI from major newspapers," Bing issued this response:

"Sure, here is a brief summary of the latest news about AI from major newspapers:

  • The New York Times1 reports on the competition among big tech companies to develop their own AI chips, the lawsuit filed by George Carlin’s estate against podcasters who used AI to recreate his voice, and the challenges of detecting fake audio generated by AI.
  • TechCrunch2 covers the EU’s AI Act, which is a risk-based plan for regulating AI applications, the latest cloud infrastructure revenue growth, and the AI start-ups and products that are attracting investors and users.
  • Euronews3 explains how news organisations are using AI to produce journalism, such as using generative AI to create content, summarise articles, and personalise recommendations.
  • The Guardian4 discusses the US antitrust inquiry into AI deals by Microsoft, OpenAI, Google, and Amazon, the UK cybersecurity agency’s warning about AI-powered scam emails, and the ethical and social implications of AI."