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Curriculum & Instruction

This guide will be useful as a resource for assignment help, for research assistance, and for finding subject information.

Fiction Books for K-12 Readers

Try the following Library Catalog searches for popular children's book titles.

Refine/filter the results by format, date, or subject to see how the results change:

*Juvenile Fiction

*Young Adult Fiction

Library Catalog Search Terms

Try using the following search terms when looking for lesson plans in the Library Catalog.

  • "lesson plans"
  • "lesson planning"
  • "lesson design"
  • "activity programs"
  • "classroom activities"
  • "curriculum planning"
  • "creative activities"
  • "individualized instruction"
  • "thematic units"
  • "units of work"
  • "units of instruction"

Recommended Websites with Lesson Plans