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How to find Accounting-specific Databases, Articles in Databases, Books, Theses, and Other Resources

Company Information

These days, a wealth of information can be gleaned from a company's website. Some larger corporations may have both a "public" or "commercial" website, as well as a second website more geared toward management and potential investors. Privately-held companies are notoriously difficult to research, but the state in which they are incorporated will often have annual reports available online via the Office of the Secretary of State for that state (e.g. Texas, Delaware, Connecticut).

The TTU Libraries also provide access to the following subscription-based company information databases:

Industry Information

Information on a particular industry can be found in some of the following databases, as well as on the free web. Many industries have industry associations or trade groups, which have websites of their own and which can assist a researcher with industry information in much the same way as a company website can assist a researcher with company information.

That said, the single best resource for industry information that TTU subscribes to is the fourth and final link, a print title: Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys.

Company/Industry News

The TTU Libraries provide access to the following subscription company news databases:

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