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This is a subject guide for bioinformatics.

Search the Library for Books

Requesting Books

Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan

If TTU Libraries does not own the item you need, request it through DocDel/ILL.

Book Databases

The TTU Libraries have nearly 3 million books available in its catalog, as well as access to many more titles online.  

Tips on Using eBooks


The books that you find in electronic form on the library website are available from the vendor server and can be viewed through their various eBook interfaces.  For this reason you will find some variability in the kinds of interfaces you will use for eBooks.  


Some of  these services will also allow you to download a chapter or a fixed amount of pages at a time. (Note: page files are numbered differently from books.  All book files start at page 1, regardless of print book numbers, whereas the display may show a copy of the print book and may start on page i, ii, etc.   You will need to adjust your download accordingly.)

Device Required

TTU Library eBooks may only be used in a personal computer in an internet browser and may only be downloaded to your harddrive.  Kindle/Nook compatible books are not available at this time.

Google has Books

Theses and Dissertations

TTU Libraries provides access to print theses and dissertations as well as the electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) that have been published by TTU students.

Library of Congress Browsing Guide

Biology related

QD        Chemistry (look for Biochemistry in QD 415--QD 436)
QH        Natural history (including Bioinformatics, Evolution, Genetics, & Ecology) 
QK        Botany 
QL        Zoology 
QM       Human anatomy
QP        Physiology
QR        Microbiology
R           Medicine (general) [Located on Lower Level]

Computer related

 QA76   Electronic computers. Computer science. General works.
      QA76.15  -  Dictionaries and encyclopedias
      QA76.5  -  Digital computers
      QA76.525  -  Microcomputer workstations
      QA76.527  -  Network computers
      QA76.53  -  Time-sharing data processing.  Real-time data processing
      QA76.55  -  Online data processing 
      QA76.575  -  Multimedia systems
      QA76.58  -  Parallel processing.  Parallel computers
      QA76.59  -  Mobile computing
      QA76.6  -  Programming
            76.62  -  Functional programming
            76.63  -  Logic programming
            76.635  -  Microprogramming
            76.64  -  Object-oriented programming
            76.642  -  Parallel programming
            76.65  -  Visual programming
            76.66  -  Systems programming
      QA76.7-76.73  -  Programming languages
      QA76.76-76.9  -  Special topics A-Z (Software engineering, computer games,

                                                                           operating systems, special computers)
   LC149.5  -   Computers and literacy
   LC1022-1024  -  Computer-assisted instruction
   TK6721-9000  -  Electronics
   TK7885-7895  -  Computer engineering