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Discovering Dataverse Collection: Slides & Outline

An introduction to a new small-scale repository offered by the Library for faculty, staff, and graduate students who are interested in a place to store their research and make it available online.

PowerPoint Slides

Workshop Outline

This serves as a companion during the walkthrough portion of the workshop. You can also follow along with the official user guide.

  1. Introduction
  2. Texas Data Repository (TDR)
    1. Texas Digital Library, Dataverse Collection overview
    2. Why should you deposit data with TDR?
    3. What can and cannot be deposited in the Dataverse Collection
    4. How does the Dataverse Collection work?
  3. Dataverse Collection  introduction
  4. Downloading sample datasets
  5. Creating your personal dataverse collection
  6. Creating your personal dataset
  7. Uploading files to your dataset
    1. What can we do with our files/datasets?
  8. Sharing datasets and files
    1. Role overview
    2. Assigning roles, groups, & permissions
  9. Advanced
    1. Versioning