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Course Reserves

Information about Course Reserves at the Texas Tech University Libraries

Faculty & Instructors-Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Course Reserves?

Course Reserves is a service designed to support TTU students’ academic success. Print course materials on reserve are conveniently located and easily accessed whenever the library is open, and electronic reserves are available for use any time, anywhere. Course Reserves also helps students save money by providing them with an alternative to purchasing expensive course materials. By using Course Reserves, you can ensure that your students have affordable access to the resources you’ve assigned.

What can I place on Course Reserves?

Some examples of resources we can place on Course Reserves include:

  • Books and media (DVDs, audiobooks, etc.) from the TTU Libraries’ collection
  • Electronic materials (ebooks, journal articles, book chapters, files you wish to provide, etc.)
  • Personal copies of materials provided by professors and instructors
  • 3D printed models (see Document Delivery for more information regarding 3D models for classroom use)

If you are unsure if a resource can be placed on reserve, please contact us at

Can I just email you the syllabus for my course?

No. We require the submission of a Course Reserves Request Form in order to provide prompt service and ensure that we have accurate records of your requests. We cannot accept syllabi or process any requests made by email or phone. 

I submitted a request for a book through Document Delivery and included a note that I want the book to be placed on Course Reserves, but I received an email stating that the book will be delivered to my department office or that it is ready for pickup. Why didn’t the book get placed on reserve?

Document Delivery cannot process Course Reserves requests since it is a separate service offered by the TTU Libraries. You will need to resubmit your request using the Course Reserves Request Form. After we have received your submission, we will contact you to arrange the retrieval of the item if it has been delivered to your department office and finish processing your request as soon as possible.

How soon can I place requests for an upcoming semester?

We recommend that you place any requests as soon as you have decided on the materials you’ll be assigning in your course. Placing requests early helps Course Reserves staff ensure that your students have access to course materials on the first day of class.

What if the library doesn’t own a copy of the book I want to put on Course Reserves? Can I request a copy through interlibrary loan (ILL) and place it on reserve?

We cannot place print materials obtained through ILL on reserve under any circumstances. However, we can place a purchase request with the library’s Acquisitions department. If the library is able to purchase a copy of the requested book, it will be placed on reserve once it arrives and is processed. If we are unable to acquire requested materials, we will contact you to discuss potential alternatives (if applicable).

*We cannot guarantee that the library will purchase items for Course Reserves, or that any materials ordered for Course Reserves will arrive before the date your students have assignments due.

I would like to make a chapter of a book available online for my class, but the library doesn’t own the book. What can I do?

While we cannot place physical materials obtained through ILL on reserve, we can place chapter or article scans obtained through ILL on reserve electronically. You do not need to submit an ILL request in addition to a Course Reserves request for a book chapter; we are glad to do that for you.

I would like to place a chapter of a book on reserve. The library doesn’t own the book, but I do. Can you scan the chapter for me?

Absolutely! When you submit your request, please make note in the “Comments” box at the very end of the form that you would like us to scan the chapter from your personal copy. We will contact you to make arrangements for pickup and return of the book.

Can you place multiple chapters from one book on Course Reserves?

If your request is in compliance with “fair use” copyright guidelines, we will be glad to place it on reserve for you. Any resource that violates copyright law is ineligible for placement on Course Reserves. If we determine that your request falls outside “fair use” guidelines, we will discuss alternatives with you.

More information regarding copyright law can be found under the “Copyright Information” tab of this LibGuide.

I’m having trouble uploading a file to the Course Reserves form. What should I do?

Please submit your request without the file and send an email to with a description of the problem and attach any files you were unable to upload to the form. We will look into the problem and use the attached files to fulfill your request.

I would like to place my personal or department copy of a book on reserve. Is that possible?

Yes! When you fill out your Course Reserves request form, simply select “Yes” when asked if you would like to provide a personal or department copy to the library. After we receive your request, we will contact you to arrange a pickup of the item(s). You may also bring any personal copies to the Document Delivery office in Room 130 of the Main Library and inform library personnel that the item(s) are for Course Reserves.

In order to protect these items and prevent damage, personal and department copies are restricted to library use only and students may not take these materials out of the building.

Please be advised that we use various labels to distinguish Course Reserves items from other items in the library’s general collection. These labels are removable and we are very careful to avoid damaging personal or department copies. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of labels on personal or department copies, please contact us at we will be glad to discuss them with you.

Do I have to place new requests for resources I’ve previously requested if I’ll be teaching a course again?

No, you do not have to place new requests for any resources you have placed on reserve in the past. We maintain records of all requests and can easily update course information in our system to provide access to your past resources. Simply contact us at to let us know you would like us to reactivate your course for another semester.

If you have new resources to add to Course Reserves that were not included in any previous requests, you will need to submit a request for only the new resources.

I am teaching the same course during multiple semesters, but your request form only allows me to include one semester. What should I do?

Before submitting your requests, please provide a list of all the semesters in which you will be teaching the course in the “Comments” box at the very end of the form.  We will make sure that your materials remain on Course Reserves for all semesters required.

What if I need to view all the requests I’ve submitted?

Unfortunately, our current system is not capable of displaying a list of all requests a user has submitted. However, we would be glad to provide a list of your requests to you via email. Please send the course and semester information to, and we will search our records for your requests and send a list to you as soon as possible. We can also provide a list of requests you have submitted for all courses.

The semester is over and I do not need to keep any resources on Course Reserves for upcoming semesters. How do I remove materials from Course Reserves?

At the end of every semester, we contact all faculty/instructors with materials on reserve to request an update on their Course Reserves needs. If you no longer need materials on reserve, we will remove them for you. Any items owned by the TTU Libraries will be returned to the general collection and we will arrange for the return of any personal copies provided by you or your department.

If you would like us to remove materials from Course Reserves before the end of the semester, you may send an update to

I am a Texas Tech University faculty member/instructor, but I teach TTU courses off-site at a satellite campus. Can I use Course Reserves?

Please contact us at with the details of your situation and your Course Reserves needs and we will be in touch with you to discuss possible options.

Students-Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to check out materials on reserve?

You can visit any of the service desks on the ground floor of the TTU Main Library (East Desk, West Desk, and Document Delivery). Let library personnel know that you would like to check out an item on reserve and provide the course number (example: PSY 4324). Be sure to bring your TTU ID!

I checked out a book that is on Course Reserves and I’m finished using it. Where should I return it?

Please return all Course Reserves items to one of the service desks on the ground floor of the TTU Main Library (East Desk, West Desk, and Document Delivery).

How long can I keep a book that’s on reserve?

It depends on the book and your professor. Faculty/instructors determine the checkout periods for materials they have requested be placed on reserve. Please be aware that you will incur fines if you do not return Course Reserves materials on time. If you would like to know how long you can check out a specific book before you come to the library, feel free to give us a call at 806-742-2159.

Can I take Course Reserves materials home with me?

It depends on the book and your professor. When faculty/instructors place Course Reserves requests, they have the option to restrict the use of reserves materials to the library. If the label on the cover of the book states “LIBRARY USE ONLY,” you may not take the book out of the library.

My professor(s) said they placed a Course Reserves request, but I can’t find the book when I search under the Course Reserves tab and the library staff at the circulation desk said it isn’t in the catalog. What’s going on?

Sometimes the library does not own items that faculty and instructors have requested for Course Reserves and the library must order them. If the book you need isn’t in the catalog, it is most likely on order. Once the book arrives and is processed, it will be made available. If you would like to check to see if your professor has made a request or if an item has been ordered for Course Reserves, feel free to give us a call at 806-742-2159 or email us at

I am a student and I heard that the library purchases books for Course Reserves. Can I place a request for a textbook?

No. Only faculty and instructors can place Course Reserves requests. You may ask your professor if s/he would consider using Course Reserves, but we cannot process student requests.

How long will I be able to access electronic materials on reserve?

Electronic materials are available throughout the duration of a course.