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Mexican American & Latina/o Studies Resources

Guide to help find resources on Mexican American and Latina/o Studies.

Resources at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

For assistance with finding resources at Southwest Collection/Special Collections, or to access collections in the Reading Room, researchers should contact the Reference Department at

Oral Histories

Since the 1960s, the SWC/SCL has employed numerous interviewers who conducted extensive interviews with Lubbock, West Texas, and the larger area’s Latino/Hispanic communities. The three most prolific interviewers are: David Zepeda, Andrew Tijerina, and Daniel Sánchez. Transcripts and abstracts of their interviews after 2000 can be found at, while older abstracts from the 1950s to the present may be found at

Keyword searching is robust on both sites, but a very small sample of what can be found there are:

  • Bidal Aguero - 1976, 1985, 1998
  • Juan Chavez - 2013
  • Nephtali De Leon - 1973, 2013
  • Linda DeLeon
  • Gilbert Flores - 1976, 2002
  • Gonzalo Garza - 2001, 2014
  • Tomas Garza - 1998
  • David Gutierrez - 1998
  • Ysidro Gutierrez - 2006
  • Victor Hernandez - 1998
  • Samuel Abel Medina - 2006
  • Socorro "Coco" Medina - 2000
  • Froy Salinas - 1976, 1998, 2008
  • Eliseo Solis - 1985, 2012
  • "Maggie" Trejo - 1998


Crossroads of Music Archive

Oscar Martinez Papers

The Oscar Martinez papers include his recorded music on a variety of media, plus an oral history, prints from his painted self-portraits in the calavera or Dia de los Muertos style, and audio transcriptions from his radio show on KMIQ from 1999 to 2006.


Librado Lee Quirino, Jr. Papers

This material regards the career of Lee Quirino, Jr., including business records, correspondence, poetry (published and unpublished), photographs, scrapbook and song lyrics, as well as audio-visual productions. The collection is in good condition and is part of the Crossroads of Music Archive.


George Sulaica Papers

This media-only collection relates to the Lubbock-based Tejano band known as Los Premiers.

Southwest Collection

Bidal Aguero Papers, 1949-1988 and undated

Bidal Aguero was the publisher of El Editor, Lubbock’s Spanish Language newspaper. He was also an activist, a Brown Berets, and had affiliations with many Latino organizations. Digitized:

Herlinda “Linda” DeLeon Papers, 1961-2013 and undated.

The Herlinda “Linda” DeLeon Papers consists of records of her time on Lubbock’s City Council, containing extensive agendas covering 2004 to 2010, as well as records of her service on committees, Lubbock legal and financial material, and a host of other Lubbock, Lubbock County, and regional materials related to those subjects. Personal papers are included, such as correspondence and photographs, many pertaining not only to Linda DeLeon but to her family and family history as well. A smaller number of materials related to her work with Lubbock Independent School District (LISD) are available, along with a handful of artifacts, books, and audio/visual material. Finally, many oversized maps, posters, and large flat items are included.

Lubbock Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (LHCC) Records, 1990-2007 and undated.

The Lubbock Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (LHCC) Records contains correspondence, financial records and related material, and photographs related to the history of the organization in the 1990s and 2000s. Samples of regular and Board meeting minutes, proposals, annual convention information, other events’ information, and a variety of other material is also present.

Chilocco Indian School (Oklahoma) Collection, 1963-1996

The collection includes the original Chilocco Indian Boarding School's student rosters for the years 1968-1975. It provides such information as student names, grade level, sex, birth date, tribe, name of guardian or parent, community address, and agency. Also includes a 1963 Baccalaureate and Commencement Program, news clippings concerning the history of the school, and a list of former school employees.

Please note: Two agencies, the Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS) and U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) have the largest and most complete holdings on Chilocco Indian Schools. This includes student records.

Indian Schools Collection, 1929-1945

The collection, pertaining to various Indian schools, consists of correspondence, financial material, original drawings by Indian children, literary productions, maps, printed material, schedules and lists, food and clothing allotment records, vaccination records, and scrapbook material.

Mescalero Apache Cattle Raisers Association Records, 1960s-1990s and undated (S1739.1)

The collection consists of material collected by N. E. Britton through his association with the Mescalero Apache Cattle Raisers Association. The collection includes minutes of board meetings, cattle record ledgers, sales contracts, journals, newspapers, maps, and correspondence dating from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Tarahumara Photograph Collection

A collection of photographs taken over several decades of Mexico’s Tarahumara tribe. Many have been digitized and placed online at:, but many more exist in the archives only in physical form. A helpful blog describing the collection was written here:

West Texas Native American Association Records

The records of the West Texas Native American Association (WTNAA) consist of articles, correspondence, journals, notes, tables, and minutes. Many programs and records regarding their annual Pow Wow are present. Financial materials, by-laws, a copy of their constitution, insurance information, and photographs are also present. All materials relate to the day-to-day operations and major events of the WTNAA.

Resources at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library


El Editor was Lubbock and the South Plains’ Spanish language newspaper. Digital copies may be found at

NOTE: some links are currently in flux due to technological changes to our digital collections network infrastructure. If they fail, go to the primary Newspaper collection at and find El Editor


Our digitized maps collection holds maps from the 17th to 20th century, many of which describe Native American and Mexican presence.

The Sowell Family Collection in Literature, Community and the Natural World

Gretel Ehrlich Papers (+ new collection, available Summer 2019)

Author about, among other things, native peoples in the arctic.


Barry Lopez Papers

Author of, among other things, native peoples in the arctic, their culture, and views on environment.


Gary Paul Nabhan Papers

Author about indigenous and regional foods of the U.S. southwest.


Stephen Graham Jones Papers (new collection, available Summer 2019)

Native American fiction author.


The Richard Rowland Comanche Pots Collection

Works on cooperative efforts with the Comanche Nation, focusing on reconciliation.

Reference Files

Often called “Vertical Files” at other archives, these contain a small amount of material on a given topic; not enough to necessitate a full archival collection, but enough to interest a researcher. Their topics and titles may be found here:


Hispanic/Latino Bibliographies

Hispanic and Spanish-Language Resources

Mexican Americans and Texas


Native American Bibliographies

Comanche Bibliography

Comanche Articles in Historical Journals

Apache Articles in Historical Journals

Arapaho Articles in Historical Journals

Cheyenne Articles in Historical Journals

Kiowa Articles in Historical Journals

Journal Articles on Anthropology & Archaeology