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Engineering Collection

Describing the collection for engineering, including the historical periodicals we have here at Texas Tech

Engineering Collection

This is a page for describing what Texas Tech University Libraries offers for the Whitacre College of Engineering in our collections.

The Collection

This is not an exhaustive list of the journals in your particular area of study, and are not necessarily the "top" ranked journals in a field.

For that, please go to and search by topic area, or go to this guide on journal rankings.

Please talk to Erin Burns (information on the right side of the screen) if you are having issues finding journals for your research.

Petroleum Engineering

Many of the "journals" that are related to petroleum engineering are actually government documents. A more complete list of these items can be found here.


Links to Engineering Handbooks

This section will be updated once a semester with links to current engineering handbooks.

However, we do not have the space for all of them to be listed here. For a full list in our catalog on the ebook and hard copy engineering handbooks, please click this link.