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Identifying Grants for Research and Project Funding

Resources to Find Grants to Support Research and Projects

Request for consultation with Librarian

If you would like help from me, please send a consultation request indicating the day and time you would like to meet.  You can use the email link in my "Personal Librarian" box on the right side of this guide.

Document Delivery

Use Texas Tech Library's Document Delivery Service to request free electronic copies of articles, standards, or patents delivered to you by email within 48 hours.  Use the link below and follow directions carefully. 

Identifying Grants for Research and Project Funding Workshop Recording

A workshop on this topic offered every semester at the Library

Description: This workshop targets faculty, researchers, and graduate students at Texas Tech University who are interested in identifying grant opportunities. Gain experience using the database: Funding Institutional. Funding Institutional assists in finding funding opportunities and in supporting collaboration in research development.  It combines the most comprehensive, editorially maintained database of funding opportunities with a unique database of 18,000 active funding opportunities and 3 million awarded research grants, drawing from a wide range of government and private funders around the world. You will also learn about government funding opportunities available using If you’re a distance student and wish to participate in the workshop via Skype, please contact Brian Quinn at

Workshop handouts

Facts About Funding Institutional

Funding Institutional Videos

Download these two videos to learn more about Funding Institutional:

Government Grants Learning Center