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History of Higher Education

A guide to support the EDHE 5300 Course

Welcome to the History of Higher Education Research Guide


Allensworth Classroom with green interior and brown desks placed around the room.  

"Allensworth Classroom" by JOE-3PO is marked with CC BY 2.0.

The History of Higher Education Research LibGuide seeks to dive into the topic of the evolution of higher education in the United States, allowing the audience to fully comprehend the history of higher education, with a particular focus on post-World War II through modern-day higher education populations. Higher education changed rapidly and drastically during this specific time frame, transforming from our forefathers' original ideas and principles. The audience will understand the driving forces behind the higher education boom by introducing the GI Bill in post-World War II America. In addition, the LibGuide will include several topics and issues affecting equity in and access to higher education today, including but not limited to-socioeconomic status and financial aid practices that affect students all over the United States. It will also cover the booming business it has become and the student debt crisis it is creating. This LibGuide is targeted at an educated adult population.

History of Higher Education Resources