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University Libraries Assessment


This Guide provides statistical and other information on the Texas Tech University Libraries collections and resources offered to students and researchers. Many resources are available 24/7 in electronic form, this includes over 300 databases, approximately 1,000,000 ejournals, and almost 1 million e-books. Our librarians and archivists provide services online as well as in person. For a breakdown of what is available by college see the What the Library Offers each College tab. For other statistics as reported to the Association of Research Libraries see the Statistics tab.


Assessment Team Introduction

The University Libraries engage in ongoing assessment to ensure:

  • The Libraries' collection, services, and facilities are meeting user needs
  • Planning and decision-making are based on informed evidence
  • The Libraries are fulfilling its mission and reaching its goals
  • The Libraries foster a culture of assessment


The Assessment Team provides vision, leadership, and coordination for assessment initiatives that inform the library's strategic planning, priority setting, and decision-making as well as contribute to the continuous improvement of organizational effectiveness. The team engages in a wide range of quantitative data and qualitative information gathering, analysis, evaluation, and reporting of activities that support, further, and enhance the library's visibility.  The team works closely with librarians and staff throughout the organization to develop metrics, create measures of success, and implement an evidence-driven approach to achieving strategic goals that support the Library's and University's mission and while fostering a culture of assessment within the library.